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  • Another view from Montreal

    The word “smooth” has been so overused I am often at a loss when I need to describe someone's elegant playing.

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  • Toronto's first black postman

    The story of Albert Jackson, Toronto’s first postman, doesn’t begin in a particularly positive way. It was the late nineteenth century, our city certainly was not free of racism, and a black man

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    Welcome to Arts Toronto. This is the program that focuses on the best of Arts, entertainment, culture and so much more each and every Sunday morning.

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  • Eleanor McCain releases True North: The Canadian Songbook

    In celebration of Canada birthday, East Coast songstress Eleanor McCain has announced a very Cannuck project - True North: The Canadian Songbook (a working title, she says).

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    Voting has started! And thanks to YOU, JAZZ.FM91 has been nominated as Best Radio Station in NOW Magazine's 2015 Best of T.O. Readers Choice poll.

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